Australia is famous for feral pigs and pig hunting or wild hog hunting is increasingly gaining popularity all over the world. Pig hunting in Australia is truly a phenomenal experience that everyone must try.

Pigs were originally traded into Australia. In some cases, they are also called "Captain Cookers. They soon got away and went wild. Similar to other various imported species, pigs also thrived in the Australian continent.

The interesting thing is pigs don't actually like warm conditions. They are likely to die in around six hours with no water at above degree Celsius temperature.

You can use this information to your advantage when scouting out watering holes, creeks, water troughs and dams. No one really knows the true number of pigs here in Australia, yet their populace could be easily above 26 million. It is often said that they outnumber the population of Australia. However, whatever their quantity, they cause enormous ecological harm and caused issues for farmers and property owners.

Understanding their behaviour is vital to a successful hunt. They are nomadic animals that disregard borders and run free. One day they are all over your property, the next, they are on your neighbours.

They are tedious animals and generally have a standard schedule. Mostly they utilise familiar trails again and again when hunting food. Their number can be roughly estimated by wallows or by their tracks. Use hunting observational strategies to check whether the tracks are relatively new or washed-out.

If this is the case, it's a sign that the pigs are in close range. They not at all peaceful creatures. They make forceful snorts and sounds while eating or mating, so they are often easy to notice. You can use this to help find them while hunting. The biggest shortcoming of pigs is their appetite for food. Pigs are constantly eager to eat so they root the ground to find any food source and are perpetually up for eating.

So their hunger can be used against them. Pigs can be tricked to set up an association with a feeder with constant food, so they're probably going to come back over and over. Fill your lure with homemade feed, vegetables; nuts and fruits to make them come to you.

Then pick them off. Pigs have a solid nose that can distinguish odours many kilometers away as well as a sharp pair of ears. They use these sharp senses to guide them as far away from a potential threat as possible.

Far North Queensland wild PIGS Hunting Australia

However, their vision is not so good, giving hunters another standpoint over them particularly during evening hours. The ideal months to hunt feral pigs in Australia is between July and November, because of the climate and temperature zone.

Australian Pig Hunting Properties

There is no restriction to the number of pigs you can hunt down, but as the law of the land states — take only what you can eat.All hunting is on exclusive private property with an experienced friendly guide, with or with out dogs depending on the style of hunting.

Large pigs roam in good numbers around Cooktown and there are Big feral Bulls as well for the trophy hunter. This is a 5 day 5 star riding and pig hunting North Queensland adventure for our hunting enthusiasts, fully accommodated in motel rooms with restuarant dinners, only catering to people maximum to ensure two full days of awesome pig hunting. Day 1 Heading through Black Mountain Road along some single tracks and old logging trails travelling through and behind the towns of Mount Molloy, Julatten and Mossman then onward to the beautiful Daintree Village Hotel for lunch.

After lunch you will cross the mighty Daintree River and ride the famous CREB track if open with its fantastic trails and make way up to Lions Den Hotel for a cold beer, hot showers and your first nights accommodation. Day 2 offers some more great trails heading out to Archer point South of Cooktown.

Then its around Cooktown, finishing the day at the Seaview Motel, overlooking the wharf with stunning views of the mouth of the Endeavour river. Twin motel room, ensuite, tea and coffee. Refreshments and lunch provided. Depart am return pm. Day four, full day hunting or fishing the Annan river, 5 minutes South of Cooktown lies the Annan River. Day five, returning back to base camp through awesome adventurous trails.

The name of the game is to give you, the lucky participant, the best riding, hunting, fishing adventure. All riders must have a current motorcycle licence or learners licence to take part on our tours. Call us to organise a tour that suits your needs. All bikes are modified with bush bash plates, Renthal handlebars, side cover plates, bark busters and the ride suspension is set up for the trail conditions we ride.

Our bikes are also fitted with Acerbis long range fuel tanks, so no need to carry fuel in your backpack, a number one cardinal sin for bike riders. Recent Posts.One steamy hot day, when I went out pig hunting with Mum and Dad we saw a mob of wild brumbies galloping across the bumpy road in front of us. Then as we were coming up to the dam, through the thick scrubby trees I spotted a giant mob of feral pigs.

When we jumped out of the car to chase after the pigs they just stood there, then the dogs jumped out of the four wheel drive ute and scattered them into two mobs. One mob headed to the North and the other headed west with the dogs in hot pursuit. With the dogs hot on their trail we scooted flat after them to see whether they had caught a pig. As we arrived at the scene the dogs had hold of a giant tusky boar, next minute the mob of 40 feral swine ganged up on the dogs, grunting loudly to warn them off.

But the dogs didn't let go they kept on holding on tight. My Dad ran into the mob of pigs and made lots of noise scattering the pigs in all directions, some went left some went right they were darting every where. Dad then flew in and grabbed the giant tusky boar and tipped him on his side to relieve the dogs. The rest of the pigs were now running for cover into the near by scrub.

This was the most unusual coloured pig I had ever seen. After getting the dogs off of the soar we thought it was best to get the dogs back to the near by swamp for a well deserved swim and drink after their marathon run with this awesome mob of swine.

As we walked quickly back to our utility we spotted a huge black and white boar wallowing in the water hole.

pig hunting cairns

As the dogs went in to catch the monster, another large boar came running furiously towards the water with the dogs in his sights. He lined them up, mowing down everything in his path.

Mean while the dogs were exhaused and panting hard after catching up with their last beasts. When he confronted the dogs they locked a hold of him for dear life, this pig wasn't going anywhere, the dogs didn't even think twice about this big fella, and the battle was over before it began another good boar up for the dogs.

Next minute the monster boar jumped up out of the water chomping his jaws making a racket as he tore towards us, crashing down thick, thick wattle. We had to jump up the nearest tree to take refuge from this monster as he seemed very annoyed with the whole situation. As he flew past we were relived that he had disappeared into the distance.

We went back to the ute exhausted from our ordeals with the giant mob of pigs. The dogs could now rest up and just kick back and think back to a great day of catching pigs. As we rattled down the dusty bumpy track home we laughed and joked about the most exciting day we had ever had.

We arrived home and I raced in and told Grandma and Pa about one of the most memorible days I've ever had. Short Story Back.Pig shooting safaris suspended for next couple years. Strathburn Cattle Station is a large-scale breeding property 50km by 50km with abundant water and feed in the heart of Cape York. Beyond its reliable seasons and the production of thousands of healthy Brahman weaners each year, Strathburn's wilderness abounds with waterholes, wetlands and wildlife, including barramundi, brolgas, brumbies, crocodiles, eagles, jabiru, jacana, palm cockatoos, saratoga, scrub bulls and feral pigs.

ENJOY an extraordinary week with your mates in the heart of Cape York hunting wild boars, bulls and barramundi, or with your family simply photographing Strathburn's wonderful diversity of wildlife and wetlands. Our week-long safaris cater for groups of visitors: the deal includes a friendly and safety-conscious guide, his vehicle, homestead accommodation and all meals.

Look to the left, and check out recent upbeat Expert Reviews of Strathburn Safaris by several of Australia's most-popular hunting magazines. Sorry no dogs - rifles and bowhunting only. T For further information, or to secure your preferred week between June and November, email safari strathburncattlestation.

Expert Reviews: 1 Sporting Shooter. Cape Boars. Strathburn Boars. A Week Birding at Strathburn. Northern Cattle Stations Info. Pig shooting safaris suspended for next couple years Strathburn Cattle Station is a large-scale breeding property 50km by 50km with abundant water and feed in the heart of Cape York.Self isolate in this badboy, use it to cruise for toilet paper raids in the new world.

I guarantee if you take this to woollies or coles for your hording shop you won't have to wait in any queues. Plenty of space in the back for pasta sauce and rice. This is an "Argo frontier" 6x6 amphibious atv! Go anywhere, yes it will go; - up steep hills - through rivers and dams - yes floats and drives in water! As they're d.

This is Jada, she's a 12 month old girl with a bug heart. She's desexed, vaccinated and we'll looked after.

pig hunting cairns

She's great with children, and just happy being loved. She's a big sook dont worry she doesn't whinge so she's suited as a family dog and not a hunting dog. She needs a big back yard or property to burn off her energy and give her room walk around. She loves going for walks, but she is quite strong so be suited for a person with strength.

Short Story

My mum loves Jada but no longer has the physical. Honda Quad TRX 4x4. This quad is ready to put to work. Its just had a ton of work done to it as follows:new seat,new front upper balljoints, new cv boots, the brakes have been fully overhauled and new master cylinder kit and new brake cable,new hand grips,new oil,plug and filter plus more.

A good solid tuff work horse ready to use straight away. Great for farm or large property, or hunting. Everything works as it should. Located 5 minutes from Marburg Queensland. Hi there I'm looking for a property to hunt on in Queensland closest to Brisbane as possible I am a very respectful Hunter and Gun owner and more than willing to prove myself and abide by any rules that you would like to set in place I am also willing 2 give any services in return such as pay a fee I am also a good carpenter.

I now work in the Correctional Services but I am always good on the tools so I'm willing to help around the farm in anyway I can I'm also willing to do any Pest Control th. Looking to access property for hunting and camping within 5 hours drive of Cairns.

Will pay a daily rate and follow all property owners rules.

pig hunting cairns

Father and kids only looking to enjoy the property.Pastoral Holding:haacres, or roughly 50km by 50km - or 30 miles by 30 miles - in size. For inquiries about Strathburn Station unrelated to the safari operation, please email strathburnstation gmail. First, pretend you are going to Port Douglas and fly to Cairns. Then, rent a 4WD and drive to Mareeba. Mareeba is about 40 minutes over the range from Cairns.

Then, it's about two hours to Laura, then two hours to Musgrave Roadhouse, then two hours to Strathburn. All up, seven hours of driving - give or take - plus your stops along the way. To hire a 4WD vehicle, try TruckHire on Many of photos and details on this website were reproduced from the "glossy" used to market Strathburn before its failed auction in July The photos were taken early intowards the end of "The Wet".

As with much of northern Australia, Strathburn is very wet in "The Wet" and very dry by the time drenching monsoonal rains arrive each year, typically in December. Expert Reviews: 1 Sporting Shooter. Cape Boars. Strathburn Boars. A Week Birding at Strathburn.

pig hunting cairns

Northern Cattle Stations Info.Welcome to Australia, the land down under! This vast country actually offers a wide variety of different terrain and hunting opportunities. Scarcely populated in most areas, the outback of Australia is a fantastic breeding ground for some very exciting big game species! Hunts run from August to October but the book up very fast!

Dingoes, feral cats, and wild horses may be encountered and hunted. Also included is barramundi fishing. Copyright Ironbark Outfitters. All Rights Reserved. Website by Western Web Technologies, Inc. We have the exclusive rights to operate on a huge tract of private land spaning nearly one million acres.

Wide open flood plains mixed with pockets of dense forest offer a great habitat for all animals including water buffalo, scrub bulls, pigs, wild horses, wild dogs, and a variety of reptiles birds and fish. WhatsNew: Ironbark Outfitters is excited to announce that we are now offering combo hunts for all Australian Deer Species.

Our season is nearly full and is booking up well in advance. With only a few weeks left available, book with us soon! Check out available dates!


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