From the very off, we must mention that the Xiaomi Mi e-scooter looks great. Xiaomi also says it fitted the Mi electric scooter with a curved pedalboard for extra comfort, while the frame has been treated with a corrosion-resistant coating.

Once connected, the app lets you see a handful of stats, including your current speed, average speed, remaining power, and mileage. The app also lets you enable cruise control and software-lock the e-scooter.

The Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter - speed, battery life & operation

However, it makes up thanks to 8. The scooter also comes with a folding design that allows users to swiftly fold the handlebar and secure it via a hood found on the rear fender.

Also keep in mind that it was designed with riders that weigh at most pounds kilosso if your frame is a little bulkier, you might want to explore other alternatives. Powered by a W hub electric motor, the Mi e-scooter can reach a top speed of Now, the battery pack, says Xiaomi, is enough to generate a maximum range of The braking setup combines regenerative electric braking for the front wheel and disc braking for the rear wheel, which allows for more control and composure, especially in those moments when you really need to slow down or draw to a complete halt.

Even cooler is the fact that you can tailor the regen braking intensity to your liking, via three different settings. Moreover, the handlebar is equipped with a 4-LED battery level reader, a power button, a pedestrian bell, as well as a set of 1. Now, the Mi electric scooter tips the scales at Tudor Rus. Assistant Content Manager - Automotive Expert - tudor topspeed.

Back then, his father brought home a Trabant Kombi and a few years later, a Wartburg At that time, he was too young to know how they worked and way too young to drive them, but he could see one thing — each of them had a different ethos and their own unique personality.

As time went on, he started seeing that in other cars as well, and his love for the automobile was born. Read More. Related Articles. What do you think? Active filters:. About US. Contact Us. Automotive journalist job.A scooter has always been looked upon as young people's plaything - but with a few recent releases, including the M, the tide is changing. With a high travel speed and the ultra-long cruise distance, an electric scooter is no longer just for fun.

It's a convenient and reliable way to get around - let's see why! The Xiaomi M Electric Scooter has 8. In other words, even in energy-saving mode, taking the Xiaomi M Scooter is 5 times faster than walking. The Xiaomi electric scooter has a linear pressing type throttle, which means that the more you press onto it, the more power you will get. This is quite different from a switch type throttle - which only allows speed changes when riding. Plus, the M scooter can maintain a steady low speed - which is not easy for most scooters.

Gently press the throttle on the handlebar to control the speed - easy and convenient to operate. When starting to ride the M, you will first need to push with your foot for initial speed - just pressing the throttle won't be enough. This is also a good safety feature preventing injury should you press the throttle accidentally.

The W DC motor coupled with 8. This foldable Xiaomi electric scooter comes with the LG high security lithium batteries, located in the lower part of the pedal. With the Wh total battery power, And it only needs about 5 hours to fully charge - even faster than a smartphone. For instance:. If my travel distance to work is 2km, I can technically ride back and forth 7 times before a re-charge is needed. That is, I can commute to work easily for a whole week before plugging it in.

Not to mention that I will get to work much faster without bothering with the bus, taxi or subway and conveniently avoiding the morning rush.

The scooter is suitable for a distance of up to 5km. In theory, of course, you can ride it for longer distances, but spending too much time in an upright position when riding may get tiring. Overall, the Xiaomi M is the perfect solution for short-distance travel.

xiaomi m365 top speed hack

The Xiaomi electric scooter is also equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system : it will convert kinetic energy to electric energy for storage and reuse, prolonging the scooter's battery life.Subscribe to our channel for more great videos.

Its price drop over the last year has made this scooter — one that boasts an excellent design with enough power and range — all the more attractive. It is regarded by owners to have excellent durability.

It has outstanding features, including rear disc brake, pneumatic tires, and is Bluetooth-enabled for ride telemetry. It has an excellent real-world range nearly 15 miles from our testsswift acceleration, decent hill climbing ability. Its also backed by a month warranty — one of the longer ones in this industry.

The award acknowledges the attractive and straightforward design of the M Though unique at the time, its design has been cloned by numerous companies subsequently. However, its lightweight frame and components could not stand up to the grueling punishment dealt by the ride-sharing market.

The scooter has been subsequently replaced by the heftier Max — a beefed-up version of the same design that should take more punishment and require less maintenance.

Results below are based on our independent testing and not data provided by the manufacturer. Read about our testing methodology or compare with other scooters on our electric scooter performance testing page.

The Xiaomi Mi M accelerates from 0 to 15 mph in 6. Acceleration, top speed, and hill-climbing capability can be increased with a simple firmware modification. This modification may also shorten the range and decrease the battery lifetime.

The M had acceptable hill-climbing performance, but expect to slow down significantly on steep hills. You may have to assist by kicking or walk the scooter on the steepest of hills.

Comparison: GoTrax GXL vs Xiaomi M365

The M completed our hill climb test in This represents a fairly steep, sustained climb. The top speed can reportedly be increased up to nearly 20 mph with hacked firmware installed. The M has a watt-hour battery pack that allowed us to achieve This is excellent, as its nearest-priced competitors are around 10 miles of range. We test all scooters on the same urban test loop with the same lb rider.

The loop has frequent stops and hills. The scooter is ridden as fast as possible in its fastest least energy-saving mode. The M has a 15 mph to 0 mph braking distance of This is a good result and about average for this type of scooter with a single disc brake.

xiaomi m365 top speed hack

While we would have liked to see a suspension, it is not expected in this price range and would also increase weight and complexity. The Xiaomi Mi M weighs This is light enough to carry up a flight of stairs or moredepending on your physical condition.

The Xiaomi folds to a compact inches by inches by inches.The fleets of electric scooters that have inundated cities are alarming enough as is. The flaw could allow an attacker to remotely take over any of the scooters to control crucial things like, ahem, acceleration and braking.

M365 Pro already hacked: No speed limit

His analysis found that the scooters contain three software components: battery management, firmware that coordinates between hardware and software, and a Bluetooth module that lets users communicate with their scooter via a smartphone app.

The latter leaves the devices woefully exposed. Idan quickly found that he could connect to the scooter via Bluetooth without being asked to enter a password or otherwise authenticate.

From there, he could go a step further and install firmware on the scooter without the system checking that this new software was an official, trusted Xiaomi update.

This means that an attacker could easily put malware on a scooter, giving herself full command over it. Unfortunately, issues with Bluetooth implementationespecially weak or missing authentication mechanisms, are nothing new in internet-of-things devices. But while they can lead to all sorts of real privacy and security risks in general, they are obviously especially problematic in devices that can endangers a user's physical safety.

Researchers found a similar set of flaws in Segway MiniPro hoverboards inbut the company, which is owned by Chinese scooter-maker Ninebot, worked to fix the problems. This is apparently because Xiaomi sources its Bluetooth implementation module from a third-party developer rather than coding it in-house. The issue has been made public. Because it is a third-party cooperation product we are also trying to communicate solutions to each other.

In the meantime, M scooters are vulnerable to an array of takeover attacks. The user app that connects to the scooters does offer the option to set a password for accessing individual devices. But when Idan created proof-of-concept Android and iOS apps to test the weaknesses, he found that the system doesn't require outside Bluetooth connections to authenticate even once a password has been set up in the official app.

Zimperium is taking the perhaps controversial step of publishing the Android version of this proof of concept in an attempt to prove the problem's urgency and warn as many people as possible. Zimperium chief technology officer John Michelsen argues that it is the only recourse security researchers have to motivate accountability in unresponsive IoT companies and electronics manufacturers in general.

Xiaomi M scooters are a popular consumer choice and have even been used by ride-sharing companies like Lyft and the scooter-specific service Bird. A customized version of the M was Bird's first scooter model, but the company has begun phasing it out unrelated to this research. Given the potential risk to users, it's crucial for Xiaomi to respond to the research and find a way to issue stronger Bluetooth protections. In the meantime, keep applying official updates and, as always, wear a helmet.

She previously worked as a technology reporter at Slate magazine and was the staff writer for Future Tense, a publication and project of Slate, the New America Foundation, and Arizona State University. Read more. Senior Writer Twitter. Featured Video. Researcher Thomas Kilbride, an embedded devices security consultant at IOActive, was able to further weaponize these attacks using a now-disabled GPS tracking feature that surfaced location data for MiniPRO Hoverboard users in a given area.

xiaomi m365 top speed hack

Topics scooters xiaomi hacking.So I just bought one of those Xiaomi m kickscooters. Fantastic hardware, great user experience. But it's a bit limp. I want to make it nice so I need to integrate it with the scooters controls and lights. I suppose the best way to do this is to hook up a Microcontroller via CAN to drive the auxilary stuff? Maybe even a small display. There is a setting for regen currents.

But I see no provisioning for over voltage protection.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Review: King of Electric Scooters

Suppose I drive downhill with a fully charged battery? Will it blow up my battery? Battery BMS. I really don't want to go without one TBH. At least for charging. Coulomb counting vs. Does anyone know a nice 10S BMS sized appropriately for a small kick scooter? Ideally with CAN bus too. I was mostly able to answer the question about brake button by 'buying' the config tool.

Will actually donate some money later. Or only when pressing the brake button? And of course the question remains, can I switch control regimes at runtime?

Xiaomi M365 HOW TO increase TOP SPEED and ACCELERATION

I would like a cruise control button that keeps the vehicle at the current speed until I touch brake or gas again. Is this whole "let go of gas to brake" behavior modern EV have perhaps already just a speed control loop? I always assumed that would feel weird.

But does it? Sorry if I thought it was more complicated than it is. Ok, this exists. Therefore all my questions about comms are answered. Though I still would prefer CAN for simplicity. I will investigate Oh, and another road-block. The battery I was thinking of getting which will fir mechanically is labeled 60V.After about 6 months, I started to experience some minor problems with the GXL.

Its motor would cut out randomly - just for a second or so - every couple of minutes. But by this time, I knew that I enjoyed commuting via scooter enough that I was ready to make a slightly bigger investment.

The size of the community around this scooter was a plus for me - it would be easier to troubleshoot or find parts, and I was also interested in experimenting with the custom firmware options.

My first impression of the M was that it was powerful and smooth. Interestingly, however, something about the way it turns makes it feel a little less nimble than the GXL. In any case, I was pretty happy with it overall! I primarily wanted to increase the top speed thereby reducing my commute time.

I wanted to gain a little more performance without putting excessive wear on my motor or battery. The M is also a great e-scooter at a great price, and is a worthwhile upgrade if you want longer durability and some other improvements.

Mike Kasberg Husband. Software engineer. Ubuntu Linux user. The GXL has a better folding mechanism than the M I never felt any wobble or had problems with the GXL folding mechanism while riding - even though I often used it without the locking pin. The GXL has a worse fold-locking mechanism for carrying.

The clip on the back fender has to be in exactly the perfect position or the scooter either won't stay folded or won't open easily. The GXL has better ground clearance and feels like it rides a little higher than the M The GXL seems to accelerate faster than the M The GXL has a better display.Here are my preferences for David's BotoXbz custom firmware tool. Priorities are a smooth riding experience and a good balance between more power vs.

This fixes the scooter blocking acceleration when drifting slowly and automatically braking when picking up speed down a hill. It also gives you extra niceties such as more responsive acceleration and raising the top speed from the scooter. That said, remember that scooters aren't and can never be the most stable means of transportation. Be careful. Mod at your own risk. If you're wondering about the beta and Pro patchers, have a read through this article.

You will notice the scooter picking up more speed when coasting without KERS, whereas before there's an ever-so-slight drag. As the tool states, the motor still recuperates energy while braking. You're likely to hit this while going downhill and really is as fast as you'd want to safely go. This is where the bulk of your extra power comes from.

YES - Removes requirement to be stopped to double-press the power button to switch to Eco mode. Handy sometimes to reduce your speed when entering a congested area.

NO - Up to you really to choose which mode you use more. If you have an extra charger, you'll probably find yourself in this camp too. YES - Makes the throttle much more responsive. Most noticibly, removes the big delay after letting off the throttle before the power to the motor stops.

With this turned off, the throttle feels heavy and kludgy. Default - As the tool states, for extra batteries. You're probably advanced if you're working with this setting.

xiaomi m365 top speed hack

Base version of your firmware: 1. KERS min speed: Motor start speed: 0 - Prevents it from sometimes blocking acceleration when drifting slowly. Cruise control delay: 5 - Shave a second off the long delay before cruise control kicks in. Instant mode switch: YES - Removes requirement to be stopped to double-press the power button to switch to Eco mode.


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